“I love that Trillium gives my daughter practice, every day, in making challenging, real life choices, and taking responsibility for her actions.”

-Elisha, Parent
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Monday 8th of August 2011
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2010–2011 Tuition

  • Full-Time Tuition    $6,500
  • Full-Time Sibling Tuition    $3,250
  • Part-Time Tuition (4 day/wk)    $5,200    (only available for students under 8yrs old)
  • Part-Time Sibling Tuition    $2,600
  • Non-Refundable Enrollment Fee     $300
  • Visiting Week Tuition    $150
  • Application Fee  $40

Tuition Assistance

The Trillium School offers generous Tuition Assistance. We are committed to the idea that financial limitations not be a barrier to enrollment for any student who wants to attend the Trillium School. The Trillium School tuition rate is set and approved annually by the school Assembly, made up of the students, parents and staff. We recognize that some families will not be able to afford the full tuition, and extend reduced tuition rates to families based on their financial ability. The purpose of our tuition assistance program is to make the school available to families with very low incomes or specific financial hardships. The Trillium School will work with families to both enable attendance and to set clear contractual expectations about tuition payments.

The total amount of tuition assistance granted during any given school year depends on the financial status of the school. The school has been able to keep tuition rates low through donations and the generosity of staff willing to work for low or no salaries. We ask that all families seeking assistance review the annual budget and consider the financial needs of the school when making a Tuition Assistance request.

To request a Tuition Assistance Application Form, please indicate your interest at your Admissions Conference.