“I love that Trillium gives my daughter practice, every day, in making challenging, real life choices, and taking responsibility for her actions.”

-Elisha, Parent
Wednesday 31st of August 2011
The Trillium School

Now enrolling students ages 4–18.

The first school offering a Sudbury education in Kitsap County, The Trillium School enrolls students ages 4–18. The Trillium School provides an environment where students:

➢ Discover and explore their passions
➢ Cultivate confidence and responsibility
➢ Develop the flexibility to thrive in the modern world
➢ Gain the discipline and drive to direct their own lives
➢ Develop creative problem-solving skills
➢ Learn how to think and learn for themselves

The Trillium School is dedicated to making Sudbury education available to all families, regardless of income. We will happily work with you to create a financial aid plan that meets your needs.

The Trillium School is located near the beach in beautiful Indianola, Washington.


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Welcome to The Trillium School.