“I love that Trillium gives my daughter practice, every day, in making challenging, real life choices, and taking responsibility for her actions.”

-Elisha, Parent
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Monday 8th of August 2011
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Our Admissions Process is designed to ensure that prospective students, their families, and the school have ample opportunity to get to know each other. Our goal is to have a good fit between the school and prospective students. The Trillium educational philosophy often takes some time and discussion to understand; we are committed to this process as a way to provide a clear picture of what we are offering.

Below is a step-by-step process for enrolling your child in The Trillium School. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly.

Schedule a Tour

Step 1) A walk-about-talk-about is a two-hour period where you and your child will be guided by one of our staff to tour the school, talk about Trillium life, curriculum and philosophy. It is a time when you can first catch a glimpse of the magic that occurs daily here at the Trillium School.

Schedule a walk-about-talk-about now.

Schedule an Admissions Conference

Step 2) Complete a Trillium School Application and include your $40 application fee. Upon receipt, we will contact you to schedule an admissions conference.

At your admissions conference we will explore the concepts and expectations of The Trillium School. We will have ample time for all of your questions and concerns.

Request an info packet and application now.

Or you can download the admissions application directly as a PDF file.

Set up a Visiting Week

Step 3) Prior to enrollment, each interested student is required to participate in a visiting week. The cost of a visiting week is $150, which may be credited towards tuition should you decide to enroll. The visiting week can be scheduled at your admissions conference.

Enroll Your Child

Step 4) After our admissions conference and your visiting week, if we and your family decide that The Trillium School is a good fit, our Registrar will work with you to fill out all the necessary paperwork.

The first two weeks of enrollment is an “open window” period. During this time, if you or the school find that the school is unlikely to meet your needs and expectations, then you may withdraw and receive a full refund of tuition, minus a pro-rated fee per week of attendance.